Sunday, October 10, 2010

I survived my first 6k...and had fun

So I posted a few weeks ago that I was running a 6k on October 9th. My first official race. Now, the real question. How did I do? Of 1067 total participants in the 6k I got 56th place overall and 7th place in my age division. According to the race stats I averaged a 9:31 mile. I was very excited to run my first race ever and it was a 6k, 1 k further than I thought my first race would be but I reached my goal of running a 5k. I LOVED IT! I had a blast. Which surprised me since I don't really enjoy running on my own. I tend to need a dog or a husband to accompany me.

The day started out nervously. I rolled out of bed at 6:15, showered and ate a granola bar for breakfast. Ben and I drove to Thanksgiving point and then walk around and looked at the vendors for half a hour or so. They had all the runners in the 10k and 6k warm up together and then had the 10k runners line up and start their race. The 6k was suppose to start 10 minutes or so later. I found Brooke who I worked with and we planned to run together. We lined up and the 6k didn't end up starting for another 35 minutes or so. The gun went off and we started out. Ben had to be to work at 9:30 so he left right after the start of the race. About half a mile in I realized Brooke was going to pace herself at a pace that was quite a bit slower than I was planning to run so we split and I took off on my own. It was absolutely exhilarating to be running with that many people but not only that, I was passing quite a few. I expected to be shown up but once I got out there I was passing people. I usually tire quickly when I run on my own or with my dogs but I was so excited my legs just kept going. I ran a good 2.5 miles or so before I ever had to slow down and eventually take a breather. At that point I paced myself with two teenage girls who talked to each other the entire race. I would pass them and then when I got tired walk a little and watch the people who passed me. I listened and as soon as I heard the two teenagers jogging up behind me I'd start running again. It worked great and I finished the race in good time for me and awesome for my first race. The end was lined with the families and everybody cheered for everyone running. It got my spirits up and I was able to sprint the last leg. Which resulted in me almost puking all over the girl who had to cut the electric timing chip off my shoe. The timing chip was attached with two zip ties at the beginning and had to be cut off at the end. I survived and after some time Brooke finished the race and her family gave me a ride to Kohls to see Ben. I survived and I think I'd like to do it again in the future.

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