Monday, November 8, 2010


I need ideas of what kinds of things I can do with some teenage girls for Youth activities. This is in a church setting so they need to be appropriate but lots of fun. They need to be low budget but involved and now and again it needs to be something that can be done in combination with teenage boys as well. Any thoughts?


Tinadakis said...

I always liked to do game show style activities and I know you can find mormon family feud online. You can always adapt it. Learn new skills - cooking, knitting, car repair. Scavenger hunts. girls night - nails hair. Oh I remember we loved doing career nights - we would visit various businesses and get a tour and free items. You'd be surprised how many places love to do that. Personal progress goals. Service - help elderly, someone in the ward, free babysitting night so adults can get out. Game night. you can have the girls put together a collage for each other, caroling was so much fun, sports night. Oh I loved doing team building skills with both boys and girls - you can have stations and split kids into teams and whichever team finishes first wins, it really gets the kids to be friends and work together. We did an altered battle of the sexes. Thats all that is coming to mind

Dara said...

Christina. I love you.

Katherine Fajen said...

Hi Dara! I just remembered that you commented on my blog...YES, I still live across from the Riverwoods. Who is your friend? Are they still moving in? Let me know!