Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's My Ben's Birthday

Today is Ben's Birthday. He is old. Well not really, but older. I thought I would take this opportunity to post pictures I've taken of him. Well at least most of the pictures were taken by me or at least our camera. Since I'm in some of the pictures I probably did not take those, although we do have a timer on the camera...not important. On to the pictures. In no particular order here is my sexy husband.

My Ben is so handsome

Technically this was before I met him and while he was on his mission in Australia which means Christmas is in the middle of summer so no snow. He had to improvise with Mash Potatoes.

At this point we were dating and on our way to a black and white ball young single adults activity in Massachusetts.
Aw, so cute.
What's better than reading a book while floating down the swannee river on a house boat in florida?
This was a birthday hike for my friend's birthday last year. The boys had fun.

This was on a double date with an elder who served with Ben in his mission and who's last name was blanch. We were inside nuttyputty caves. Someone died in there recently so you can't go in anymore.
I love cowboys. Salt Lake in 2007 probably at the gateway mall.
...and dates with my husband. This one was in New Hampshire in the summer of 2008.
This was the night we got engaged. Ben put so much planning in it wore him out.
This was on our first date. This portion of the date took place at Jared's house. Look how young Ben looks. No wonder people asked if we were with our parents when we took a cruise for our honeymoon.
Florida family vacation '08. No, he is not actually a lifeguard nor would he be prepared to rescue from the water.
Awesome Hike, May 15th of this year. The dogs loved it.
Y Mountain hike in 2007. Too Late the Hero came through on tour. Yea for goat bones! (sick).
Who can say no to a musician?
Halloween 2005. We were dating and it was the first time my home teachers met me and Ben. Sweet.
While I was at school and after Ben visited me and then was 2000 miles away he sent me this picture.
For our anniversary in 2009 we went to Ireland. You're jealous I know.

Another town in Ireland, called Kinsale. Same trip.
Also in Ireland. We went to Foto (a petting zoo) Ben had to find the Kangaroos. The little guy is my cousin Eoin.

This is when we were dating so I'm thinking sometime in Fall 2005. That's all I've got.
This was summer of 2005. In New Hampshire. By a waterfall.
This one was after we were married. Summer of 2006 in New Hampshire before we went back to school.
February 2005. This was went Ben drove 2000 miles to be my date for Valentine's Day. He's awesome like that. I on the other hand was dressed like a slob. That's what early classes and snow did to me.
This was on our Hike May of this year. The circle of Life and it moves us all...

this is Early 2006 while in engaged before we were married. We decided ward prayer was in fact the perfect time for mac and cheese. Yum.
This was Fall of 2009. We were so excited to go to the Manti temple with some friends. We got there only to discover it was closed for renovations. So we took pictures instead.

We got married. It was epic.

This is while we were dating. I met his mission president at his mission reunion.

This was New Hampshire in 2008, Sam and Nikki got married in New York but had a reception in the shire, well actually it may have been Maine... those tricky state borders. Muscles!

Our apartment in Orem. Sometime between May of 2007 and May of 2008. Doesn't he look studly?My peter pan. SLC 2007.
It is in fact the plan of Salvation pumpkin. Ben's cool like that. Fall 2005.Ben got asked if he was half Obama, half McCain. He was in fact a politician and since they're usually tw0-faced that what he was. Halloween 2008.

We hiked the Y. Ben is awesome. The end.Ben took this picture at his school. He looks so serious. I love him.
New Hampshire! Look at that sweet background.
Orem 2007. He's so handsome.

The crew. This was our wedding day. Ben and his boys.August 2005. Ben's styling with his blond hair that I dyed.
Ben worked at a toy store once.

Happy Birthday babe! I love you.

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