Sunday, February 8, 2009


Some of you may know that I have been studying for my Utah Life, Health, and Accident Insurance Test. I've been studying on and off for the last several months, but I kept putting off scheduling an actual time to take my test. I finally set the time and spent the week before doing nothing but eating, sleeping, working, and studying. I felt like I was in college again and not in a good way. Studying is not something I wanted to be stuck doing again. It didn't help at all that many of the people I talked to at my work who had taken the test had not passed the first time. I freaked out a little bit.

This past Thursday was the day of truth. I woke up to get in some last minute studying, ate a balanced breakfast, grabbed the textbook I'd come to despise, and drove my newly working again car to the Lindon testing center. I got my test and headed into the testing room to my assigned computer cube and started my test. I flew through as fast a I could all the while watching the question number on the right of my screen and mentally counting how many I had left until 100 and I could be done with it. At the beginning of the test there is a message about how 5 or so questions will be test questions that will not count against me but are just to see if the question should be used in future tests. I'm getting close to question 100 and I'm getting excited to be done. Then I get to questions 110, then 115, then 120. At this point I'm getting a little nervous. At 130 I got up from my computer terminal and went to the test proctor to ask if she knew how many questions were suppose to be on the test because I thought there were only 100 questions and I was on question 130. She tried not to laugh at me as she looked up my test and told me there were in fact 150 questions. I felt slightly embarrassed as I walked back to my computer and continued to take my test. And then, the moment of truth. I submitted my answers and waited for the results. It took me a few seconds to realize I actually passed. I passed by 4 percent but I passed. I. Was. Psyched.

I almost started jumping up and down right there in the testing room. Luckily I managed to control myself until I left the building, but I lost it in the parking lot. There was a victory dance and I was so excited on the drive in to work that I almost didn't notice my car overheating. My prayers of thanks turned to prayers of please let me get to work before my engine explodes. I'm proud to say I am in fact still alive and my engine did in fact not explode, but it did get as hot as the temperature gauge can measure and scare me quite a bit. My car remains in the garage for the time being and its back to car pooling with Ben.

Now back to the good news, everyone at work was so excited I passed my test. It was made better by my automatic raise that came with passing the test and that I got reimbursed for every single cent I spent on the test and test preparation. Becca, the receptionist, also said not that I had passed my insurance test all I need to do is take two fast track exams and I could be contracted as an associate financial representative.

On Friday I took my FastTrack exams and passed both with flying colors, on Monday I'll fill out my paperwork and my title will change from Administrative Assistant to Associate Financial Representative. Lets just say I'll now be equals with a certain someone at work and it cracks me up to no end. Life is good. Except for my car. But life's still good.

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