Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm a Slacker

So I've been to Vegas, I'm now an associate financial rep, my dog now sits, lays down, and comes on command, and I've starting doing the Carmen Electra Strip Tease work out videos and I have not blogged about any of it. I know how sad that must make you not to know the intricate workings of my life. Just kidding, I'm sure you're just as busy as I am and don't care whether I update my blog, but here goes:

Ben and I went to Vegas the last week in February to see my Dad who was there for an IT conference. We stayed at the Excalibur and my Dad stayed at the Bellagio. This is the view out our hotel window.
This was one of Ben's favorite things about Vegas, you can rent nice cars. The cars are on the side of the road in parking lots with numbers on them to call to rent them for an evening. Ben had to get a picture of me with the yellow Lamborghini.

We also took a little day trip to Hoover dam. This is my Daddy and I looking out on the Nevada side of the Dam over to Arizona side.

While at the dam I also made some friends due to the fact I had a bag of goldfish crackers the little critters loved them. What you don't see in the picture is the other 100 chipmunks in this little guys family standing about 5 feet behind him. By the end I had about 10 chipmunks fighting over each cracker I dropped.
Now this, was just creepy. They have people in Vegas whose job is to stand around and look like statues and then move and look at you when you walk past. This guys was one of these statues. There was also a white Greek looking while marble statue in the Venetian that moved. And a futurist one that looked like Mr. Freeze in front of Ceasers Places. People painted like statues...Weird.

If you can see the picture on the right it's for the Cirque du Solei show KA. THIS. SHOW. IS. AMAZING! My Daddy bought us tickets to go see this show one of the nights we were here. It's at the MGM Grand and the stage was specially built just for this show. There are a total of four stages that can all moved forward backward, tilt up and down, and go to a 90 degree angle to the floor, all while actors are on them, dancing, fights, and jumping. You watch people fun up and down the stage while is straight up and down and watch people fall 70 of 80 feet into a pit of the stage and all you can think is "I hope there's a net down there." Also they cover the stage with sand then tip that off into the pit below too. How they do it I just don't know, but it is well worth seeing.
This is us on the drive home. I was a little bit bored. We had fun though, a 5 hour drive is quite the opportunity for bonding. As long as you're not a grumpy traveler.

This was a stop we made on our way home from the Vegas. The Las Vegas Temple in all its glory. It is quite the beautiful building and a nice contrast to the strip. We stopped and did an endowment session around 12 and that temple is gorgeous inside.

To continue the temple seeing we also stopped at the St. George Temple just so we could say we've been there. This concludes the Vegas info. We had fun. I have more pictures but they're on my phone so I need to figure out how to get them from there to here.

In other news I am in fact an associate financial rep now and that does in fact mean I do nothing differently except now I can sign off on insurance applications if I want too. Still its a much cooler title and I'm excited about that, its so much more distinguished to be called an Associate Financial Representative than just an Agent Assistant.

On a more interesting note, I've been sick recently so exercise has not been at the top of my list. I couldn't sleep, or breathe, because I had a bacterial infection for a two weeks and now all that remains is a lingering cough. In an attempt to get back into shape I've been doing workout videos with Jackie. So far we've done Carmen Electra's strip tease bedroom edition and a pilates video. Who know what the future will hold. Of the two though I must say I enjoy the Carmen Electra video more. Besides I'm learning all kinds of valuable information : ).

Boston dog is also doing well and once I can get pictures off my phone onto my computer those will also be forthcoming. That's all for now!

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