Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to Basics

This is my running companion. Here name is Eva. This past year (2010) one day in July while Ben was gone at scout camp I decided i was going to start running. I realized that since Ben was not home I felt like I didn't have a ton of motivation and I was just kind of sitting around. Ben was gone for a week so I needed a purpose. A neighbor of mine is a marathon runner and a computer programmer. He took his two loves and made a blog for running. (fastrunningblog.com) . It has a calendar where you can enter in teh amount you ran that day etc. So I started using that and every weekday night and morning I was running. (I took weekends off) I started tracking my time and got all excited about it. Then things happened like I got attacked by a pitbull who lives two houses down from me and whose house you have to pass to go into or out of the cul-de-sac. This made me less inclinded to run because it was the second time the unattended dog escaped and attacked. Last time it got my dog Boston, this time it got both of us but mostly me. I eventually got over it and started running again as soon as the brace was off my wrist. Then it got to be November and I got busy, then December and more busy. Then it got cold and I got lazy. Either way this is the report from the running blog of how much I ran last year. The total is at the bottom.

Training Report

Report for entries starting Jan 01, 2010 and ending Dec 31, 2010 .

Month Total Distance

Jul 30.10

Aug 52.70

Sep 36.10

Oct 22.70

Nov 5.50

Dec 2.83

Total 149.93

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