Monday, March 8, 2010

Life Continues.

So in more good news. I passed the second investment licensing test I needed to become investment licensed. Now I just have to do my company's small assessment that I promise not to do anything that is not in the clients best interest and then I'll be on my way.

In other news, I'm still loving working with the Young Women in my Ward and we are planning a humanitarian project for the victims of the recent earthquakes.I don't have all the details yet but we're all very excited to help in anyway we can. I think sometimes we feel tragedies that happen far a way don't affect us and we have trouble feeling like that event is real and not just another fiction or movie but that something that affects real lives. I'm glad to work with girls who are so loving and giving of themselves and their time both to people in our community and to those they will never meet in other parts of the world.

Speaking of reality it feels like every married person I know is either pregnant or getting divorced. My very good friend is pregnant right now and I'm asking her all my questions that I don't feel comfortable asking acquaintances. While she's my first close friend to experience pregnancy, I work with a pregnant girl, a girl who used to work with me at my office is pregnant, two of the women I visit teach are pregnant, a girl I was in the journalism program at BYU with is pregnant and blogging about it, a girl from my freshman ward is pregnant, and a girl from my sophomore ward is pregnant, a girl from my seminary class in Cincinnati is pregnant, and the list goes on. On the other side I have three friends who either are in the process of getting a divorce or their divorce was just legalized. One girl I work with, one is a friend I met through my other friend, and one is a friend both my husband and I met in New Hampshire while we were dating. In each case a spouse was being selfish and not willing to work with their partner. All three were married in the temple and all of them seemed happy. It makes me appreciate my husband just a little more and it has led us to have some heartfelt conversations in hopes that we never end up in a situation where we feel divorce is the only answer.

I love my husband and appreciate all he does I hope it stays that way.