Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So I fit in a golf bag...and I'm investment licensed

Today was an interesting day. I found out my car will be in the shop for a week being repaired. Thus, I was given a rental car. I took my series 6 investment licensing test and passed. And I discovered I can in fact fit in my bosses golf bag. All good things. Of the three I have to admit I'm most excited I passed my licensing test. Now I just have one more test to take and I will be legal to sell securities, well in my case not really sell them but accept trade requests and give people information on tax implications etc. of their trades. Yea!

On the other items, I'm driving a red hyndai accent until my car is fixed, and it was not my bosses idea to see if I fit in the golf bag but rather another co-worker who said my reward for passing my test was to see if I could fit in the bag. I do and the bag can be fully zipped and rolled with me in it.

With that much amazing happenings in one day I'm going to bed.

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