Thursday, July 23, 2009

Almost there

We have almost reached a very exciting yet scary goal. We are almost the proud owners of our own home. We were suppose to close today in anticipation that we would be able to move in this weekend, but alas it was not to be. Since pioneer day is a holiday in this state even if we did the paperwork today nothing would process until monday and we would not get the keys until Tuesday. So now we will be moving in the middle of next week when no one can help us. Thank you pioneer day for making my life harder. Oh yeah and thanks to Provo city for not coming through on the downpayment assistance program and for wasting our time for an extra week they didn't need too, if they had even told us one day sooner than they had I could have moved into my house this weekend. That is all before I get really bitter. I promise pictures soon.

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Tinadakis said...

That sucks, I hate house hunting and house buying blahhhhhhh. I miss you. That is so exciting that you are so close. Why didn't thegy down payment assistance come through?