Friday, June 19, 2009


Jackie and Eric added a new addition to their family about 9 days ago. Her name is Jixie. She's really pretty. I got to play with her.
Like any girl see really enjoys being groomed and looking her best...

She's cute. I like her.

Jixie in action.

I got to be the dead weight on her back to get her used to having things on her back. Jackie and Eric both ride her but now they're working on desenetizing her so she doesn't spook as easy.


Jackie said...

I'm glad you like her! :) Everyone else thinks its a stupid idea - but I am having so much fun with her! :) Come see her any time.

The Pett Shop said...

If you ever need anymore "dead weight" I have more of it than Dara! I LOVE horses!!

(by the way I found you on Heather Jordan's blog)