Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Life of Late

So I haven't actually typed much of whats been going on in my life lately. Ben and I had a nice thanksgiving at home just the two of us and the cats. I cooked everything from scratch so we had a turkey, cranberry sauce made from fresh cranberries, apple, orange juice, orange and a little sugar. It was delicious. I also made mash potatoes using a recipe from the owner of the Chef's Table a fine dining restaurant in the Provo/Orem area. Also on the menu was homemade gravy and some rolls that were left over from someone else's attempt to made homemade rolls. They weren't quite fluffy but we still enjoyed them. Also I am proud to say Ben and I have officially gotten into the Christmas spirit and decorated our Christmas tree yesterday after Ben finished working his 3:30 am to noon shift at Kohl's on black Friday. Today we managed to complete all our Christmas shopping with the exception of presents for my brother, as he has yet to tell me what he wants, and a few presents for Ben and me. So all in all life is good.

My kitties waiting their turn for a bath.

Preparation for our thanksgiving feast.

Ben's contribution was following my instructions to chop the fruit for the Cranberry sauce.

Our Thanksgiving spread, from left to right, Gravy, mashed potatoes, Turkey, cranberry sauce, and our plates is the bread. And out of the picture is the pumpkin pie and ice cream Ben ran out and got because you can't have thanksgiving without pie.

Beatty cat wanted some too and he didn't believe me that I didn't have anything.

Our Christmas tree in all its glory.

Beatty cat got used to the new decorations quite quickly. He was displaced for his favorite spot under the trees once we had presents under there.

Happy Holidays everyone. Or if its not too offensive MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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