Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween...a little late

So I had a lot of fun this Halloween. I was a devil but Ben kept telling people I was Sarah Palin and he was both Obama and McCain. Actually most people thought Ben was suppose to be both McCain and Obama, but in fact it was just a politician...since they're two faced.
I have to admit, I really enjoyed dressing up for Halloween. I was the only one in my office that dressed up and every one kept asking me if I saw The Office the day before. I only figured that out a few days ago when someone explained that Pam was the only one that dressed up in her office. Normally I watch the Office the next day because we record it on the DVR but for whatever reason the day before Halloween none of the shows we normally watch got recorded...sad. So I have yet to see the Halloween Office episode.
Here we see two lovely sisters. Krystal is Julia Roberts from pretty woman, minus the hooker thing. Mary is a Fairy which is in fact Krystal's Halloween costume from a yesteryear.

Aren't we sexy in our halloween get up? I thought so. To quote Cher: "Thats why we're friends because we both know what its like to have people jealous of us" : )
Speaking of people being jealous, I got hit on at a Halloween party with Ben standing right next to me. Ben didn't say anything he just waiting to see how dumb the guy would feel when he realized he was hitting on a married woman.

And of course more pictures of me and my guapo hubby.

Solo shot... I hope you enjoyed my Halloween pictures as much as I did!


Steven C. said...

Nice costume(s) - simple, classy - too many costumes these days verge on the slutty...

Goats in the Attic? said...

Some thought mine was a little slutty. I didn't see it.

Tinadakis said...

Dara I love when you wear that outfit. Its my favorite especially the devil part. Anyway on a less weird note. I love you!! Wait that was still weird, but maybe not as weird as Ben's costume hopefully. I had something I wanted to say. Oh yeah I wish I could have been there and you can watch the office online for episodes that you have missed. By the way that is really funny that you were the only one that dressed up. It is like the you don't dissapear.
Oh what are you doing for Thanksgiving?