Friday, October 17, 2008

Best Birthday Present to Ben EVER!

So for Ben's birthday I got him tickets to the Rock Band Live Tour which includes: Panic at the Disco! Dashboard Confessional, The Plain White T's, and the Cab.

We show up to the show psyched of course and first thing I run into a girl I went to college with and learn she now works for some of the local radio stations. Ben jokes about how I run into someone I know everywhere we go and we chat for a little bit with this girl and her husband. She asked if we were there for the meet and greet and we told her we were just there for the show. Our conversation ended shortly after that and Ben and I got in the normal line. About five minutes later my friend's husband comes over to tell us some of the people who won access to the meet and greet from the radio station didn't show up and asked if we wanted to go to the meet and greet for Panic at the Disco. Like I would say no to that?

So we got some amazingly sparkly wrist bands and filled into the lower reaches of the E-center and got the security talk about what we could and could not do in the bands presence (You can't give them food, because of a freaky fan who baked her hair into cookies, you can't hug them because who knows what you'll do with your hands, and you can't ask them to sign any articles of clothing you're wearing.) We were then told we could talk to the guys, have them sign one item, and then we could get a picture with them well.....

So we got our tickets signed by the guys and got our picture taken (which only took three tries since Ben's phone didn't want to take the picture), and then went on and enjoyed the show. All and all this is the most enjoyable birthday present I've ever given to Ben. Yea for Ben's birthday.

The show was great and we were in the general admission section which means we squeezed quite intimately with hundreds of people to get as close as possible to the stage so we could watch the musicians sweat. IT WAS AWESOME!

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Krystal Downs said...

that work pic makes you look very professional dara. and much older!