Monday, October 13, 2008

Beatty Cat

My cats are survivors. Batman has outlived his brother, moved with us three times, and as of yet has not gone missing, been eaten or even been sick. Beatty Cat has gone missing twice and both times just when we thought he was gone for good he shows up; a little skinny but never to much the worse for wear. Both of the cats traveled back to New Hampshire with Ben and I this summer but on the way back to Utah in August Beatty cat became lost in Ohio. We stopped to visit my second Mom, Chris and her husband. As we were about to leave Beatty jumped out of the car and when we tried to grab him he got scared and ran... and ran....and ran until he was in the woods and we couldn't find him. So looked all day and stayed an extra day but we couldn't stay any longer than that. Chris and Scott put up flyers and kept looking. One of their neighbors saw my cat and recognized him from the flyer. They tried to catch him and were feeding him in the process. Eventually they succeeded and returned Beatty to Chris's house. Chris then sent him back to us via Delta airlines. So now he's home and we're soooooo grateful to have our little buddy home.I wish I could do that with my tongue.

My little adventurer...I'm so glad he's home!

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