Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Fun with the Clan

My return journey to Utah is now less than a week away and the goodbyes to family and friends on the east coast has already commenced. Last night Ben's Family had their barbeque complete with Hamburgers, Hot dogs, olives and cream cheese, humpty-dumpty bbq chips, blueberry upside-down cake, and a friendly Wii competition. I'm still stuffed and exhausted. We began with Mario kart for the Wii in which Ben defended his title with Princess Peach as his racer. Next we moved on to Wii Bowling to see what the women could do. Joy won the first game and the second winner was...watch the clip and see.

After an enjoyable evening of screaming and good food Ben and I returned home exhausted but happy.

In other news I'm in the process of working on a free-lance article for Ancestry Magazine where I completed an internship earlier this year. Also I'm interviewing for a client services position with a Financial Services Company where my friend Jackie also works. I've had two intense interveiws and I have a third upon my return to Utah. I also now have a place to live when I arrive in Utah as the new house in Lehi is done and Jackie and Eric started moving in yesterday.

Last week Ben and I had the opportunity to go to a Too Late the Hero show (our Friend's Band) and then this past weekend Ben and I hung out with Jared (the lead singer of Too Late the Hero) and his girlfriend in Old Orchard Beach. For your viewing pleasure I'll show you what Ben and Jared did for fun:

And also to show you how slow and kind of boring my life was this week, I got all excited about Friday dinner. We go out to dinner every Friday with my Dad (and granddad if we can get him to come), so I curled my hair see...

I hope your life is more exciting than mine. Have an awesome day!

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Anonymous said...

Your hair is so cute like that! :) YAY I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU! It's been forever...and I hate it. And I hope you get the job! Love you babe! See you soon!