Friday, August 29, 2008

Back in Utah

So it's back to life as usual. Ben and I made it back to Utah with one less cat and one speeding ticket. We stopped in Ohio on our trip back so Ben could see where I grew up. As we went to leave my mom's friend's house my skittish cat Beatty made a break for it and jumped out of the car. We tried to chase him back toward the car but he bolted for the woods and we haven't seen him since. We looked for him the entire day and put out cat food, his litterbox, anything that might smell familiar but to no avail. My mom's friend said she'll call if anyone sees him, but so far no luck. I miss my kitty cat.
In other news: Ben started school yesterday and I started my new job as a administrative assistant to a Financial Representative at an Insurance and Investment Firm. I wasn't aware you had to get fingerprinting down to work in a securities industry. The policeman who did my fingerprinting seemed confused about my cheerfulness with the whole process, for me it was a novelty. I'm so excited to have a job again, even if I'm terrified about how much I have to learn. I was bored out of my mind in August because where I was working had no jobs for me the entire month so I sat at home and cleaned, not exactly my ideal way to spend time. Sorry for the short post I'll try update soon.

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Krystal Downs said...

Dara thats great that you have a job. That was my job (well kind of)...and BYU. How are you by the way? I miss you darling. And I'm sorry about Beatty.