Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Evie Update

As of May 20th Evie is now 3 months old. I can't believe it's been that long but we're excited to watch our little bug grow. I thought I would post some pictures I've taken of her with my cell phone in our days and nights together here goes in no particular order. You may notice many of the pictures she is in the same blue chair, it's because that's when I could take her picture when a. she wasn't crying and b. I wasn't holding her.
This is what she does at 3am after she eats...if only I could fall back asleep that easy, I was in the middle of  changing her diaper and she was out cold.

Hi Mom! She loves looking at the phone when I take her picture.

She can now grip objects and one of her favorites is her purple bird that makes a  crinkling sound and has a bell in it. This is one of the most recent pictures as of May 28th.

This picture is from more than a month ago but she just looks so cute.


Dive who fell asleep on our walk

I couldn't resist the putting the flower headband on her, it never lasts long but it's cute while it lasts.

This face precedes a diaper change.  : )


Hoodie! She loves having things on her head.

Evie can now laugh and does so regularly. Her favorite word is "spagetti" but only when her daddy says it.

Laughing again.

This is for comparison purposes, she is still a little bug.

Aunt Jenn sent her some pretty outfits and she's been trying them out. Every girl needs a green polkadot tutu.

This is her sleeping on Daddy and in case you're wondering Ben's shirt says the word "stud" and then has a picture of a muffin. 


This is the face you get if you surprise the little girl

This is her Easter Spledor

She loves to cuddle with Daddy!

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