Monday, July 5, 2010

Operation New Front Door

Ben and I have been continuing our home improvements. Recently Ben and I were talking to our neighbor about how we wanted to get a new front door because the one we had left space for air to get in and it was just ugly (see above picture). She told us that the people who were renting our home before we moved in had gotten drunk one night and punched a hole through the door. Since they were renting they called the landlord to come fix it. Their landlord said they broke it and they were responsible to fix it. The renters did not have money to go buy a new door so they simply took an interior door, cut it themselves, glued the hinges on, and viola, that was our front door. Sweet right? Not so much.

That's when we decided to go look at new front doors. We found one we loved at Lowe's and recruited one of the young men in our church ward who had a truck to help us go pick it up. We got all the supplies needed to take the old door and frame out, and put in the new door and seal it etc. Ben recruited another young man in the ward who said he'd help Ben install it on his day off. Everything was set and then Ben called the Bishop of our Ward to ask if we could borrow a crowbar. He said sure and asked what size we needed. Ben explained it was for the door and the Bishop told Ben a story about installing his own door and how it has never been right ever since. He gave Ben the number of a great handyman Nick and told him to call him.

We called and Nick was willing to come do it for $200 cheaper than Lowe's or Home Depot would have charged to install the door.

This is Nick taking out our old door. Nick IS AWESOME. and it only took him a few hours take out the old and put in the new.

No Door! Even no door was an improvement over the old door.

This pretty item is our new door. It is on two totes because while Ben and I found the door to be a thing of beauty just as it was, we (I) really wanted a red front door. My house is white with black shutters and I just thought that a red door would be just the thing to make it shine.And shine it does. I LOVE IT! Ben likes it too.

Doesn't it look so pretty? Now we just say we're the house in the cul-de-sac with the red front door.

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kanewoman said...

Wow wow wow! I LOVE the red - what an improvement. It looks awesome and well worth the investment. Good job.