Monday, September 14, 2009

The pups

So I forgot to mention an important event in our lives. Boston gained a new friend about a month ago when we got this little girl who we named Eva. She's named after the robot in WallE. She basically took over the household in about 30 seconds flat and made sure Boston knew who was boss. She's a rat terrier and only weighs about 11 lbs to Bostons 30+ lbs. Overall she's a might mouse of a dog and is definitely a huge personality in a little dog. We rescued her from a shelter and she's been bouncing around ever since. They said she's about 2 yrs old so she's a little over a year older than Boston.
If you notice I'm holding her in both pictures. That's the only way we could get her to stay still long enough to take the picture. She is one crazy little ball of energy.Here's Boston Dog looking as handsome as ever for the camera. He poses. This is his I'm curious why you're taking my picture but don't I look dignified? look. Of course he always has one ear that sticks up and one that flops over and yes he can control it. He's goofy.
Here are my pups playing you can see Eva is quite a bit smaller than Boston.
She may be little but she's a fierce little fighter when she wants something. I hope you enjoyed the pups, we sure do.

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